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There are many families associated with USS Kamehameha. Our crew have families, and we also spend some time working with schoolchildren from our sponsor school, Queen Liliuokalani School in the town of Kaimuki.

Here's a letter that describes one port visit we had during our last deployment.

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USS Kamehameha Yokosuka Port Visit


The ship has already traveled thousands of miles. We have sailed from our home in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to visit Yokosuka, Japan.

The distance from Honolulu to Yokosuka is about 3500 miles. If you walk fast, you can walk 5 miles an hour. How long would it take to walk to Yokosuka?

Well, I'd rather go there on a ship than walk.

Yokoskuka (pronounced "yoh koh skah") is a city south of Tokyo, Japan.

We are stopping in Yokosuka to rest. We will also get fresh milk and food, and get mail and newspapers. 

Many ships and submarines from the United States Navy and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force have their homes (called berths) there. This is a picture of a famous Japanese ship, the Mikasa, which is now a museum.

This is a picture of me on the bridge. The ship is on the surface in this photo, and it's a pretty day. I like being on the bridge. It's my favorite job. After a long time inside the ship, itís nice to sit on top of the water and look for other ships.

Sometimes we're lucky and can see dolphins swimming on the front of the ship. They like to surf on the wave the ship makes through the water. The wind blows all the time because we are moving. It feels a little like being in a car and rolling the window down. The salty ocean sprays up at me sometimes when the waves get bigger.

The wind can play tricks, though. My hat can blow off in a big wind. The wind and the salt spray makes my hair look funny when I come back inside the ship.

In a few days our ship will leave Yokosuka and sail to Chinhae, Korea. We will meet the SEALs and Divers there, and go to work for an exercise with the Korean and American navies.

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