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Kamehameha Engagement

Why Engage?

One of the primary goals of the National Security Strategy is to work with other countries. We are part of a larger effort to maintain stability in the Pacific region, and one way to communicate that is to work closely on as personal and professional basis as possible.

Commander, Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet recently discussed the importance of engagement in an interview. A quote from RADM Konetzni during his testimony to Congress:

Simply put, I believe naval forces do three things. First, they provide overseas presence or show the flag. History has shown that a continuous, combat credible forward presence by U.S. forces is the key to long term political stability in our regions of interest. Second, our forces engage our allies, war- fighting partners and developing nations, shaping how they will interact with the rest of the world. And finally, our forces provide the capability for timely response throughout the spectrum from peacetime, through crisis, and into war. The order of precedence of these tasks can vary daily depending on the world environment.
Some Engagement Examples: Military-to-Military and Community Relations

We were host to the submarine JDS Natsushio during exercise RIMPAC 2000.

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Republic of Korea Navy submarines hosted us during FOAL EAGLE exercises. We worked together on several charity projects.

Jordan was a long distance to travel, and we worked with many different people in the country.

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