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June 01

Many new articles in conjunction with the deployment. Reports on visits to Guam and Saipan, exercises, and the final deployment homecoming were all posted on other sites.

December 00

Congresswoman Tauscher (D-Ca.) toured the ship to learn more about the ship's unique mission.

1 May 00

Kamehameha recently returned from her first six month deployment. Here's an article about the homecoming.

We got great support from the deployed tender in Singapore.

On her deployment, the ship visited Aqaba, Jordan. An article describing the visit and pictures taken there are available. Another article is available.

Older articles

We host ship tours for many organizations. One group that visited us was the University of Hawaii football coaching staff.

Submariners like to pick the other communities' brains to find out how to work more effectively together. Our Deck Division Leading Petty Officer wrote an article about one such training visit.

We're justifiably proud of the way we keep our ship clean and decorated. Local artist Ron Artis was kind enough to paint our mess decks to remind us of our Hawaii home.

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King of Jordan visit



King of Jordan visit


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